The Most Common Way To Die In Each State

The 50 US states are as different from each other as they are similar. These differences manifest themselves in many ways, ranging from favorite foods to which type of animal attack is most likely to occur. The most common way to die also varies widely by state.

Over the past few years, numerous studies have looked into the common causes of death per state, determining how most people are likely to die. Resources like Mental Floss, The Atlantic, Slate, and The Washington Post have all featured such research. They show that mortality rates vary in different states due to geographical and environmental circumstances, pollution, lifestyle choices, health, and crime rates.

Heart disease and cancer could have dominated this list - in some cases, it instead highlights the most distinct cause of death, by state, relative to the national average. 

Ranked by
  • Alabama – Heart Failure

  • Alaska – Suicide

  • Arizona – Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease

  • Arkansas – Heart Attack

  • California – Stroke

  • Colorado – Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease