The Most Controversial Horror Movies Of The Modern Era

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Vote up the modern horror films that completely deserved all the outrage they garnered.

Horror has always been controversial. From the early Universal monsters to the grindhouse exploitation films of the 1970s, horror movies have been scaring audiences out of the theater and creating moral panic with little more than a logline. What about the films of the modern era?

The scary movies of the early 21st century did anything but lose their edge. Found footage was king in the 2000s, and an ultra-violent brand of horror took the genre by storm. Audiences were equally titillated and horrified. The advent of social media let fans, the media, and even presidents rail against a movie in a way that the film world had never seen before.

These controversial horror films range from big studio pictures to one that only cost 13 grand to produce. Their price tags don't matter here, and neither do their quality - all that counts is they made audiences question why they were watching the movie.