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14 MCU Fans Are Sharing Who They Think Is The Most Damaged Character, And They Make Some Good Points

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While the MCU is known for its lighthearted jokes and lovable characters, many of our favorites are deeply damaged with pasts filled with trauma and neglect. From Thor to Black Widow, these MCU characters could all use a hug - except Hulk... wait till he's Bruce Banner.

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    Carina - Enslaved By The Collector, Destroyed By The Power Stone

    From Quora user Logan Ascheman:

    Obviously, it's Carina. Remember from the first Guardians of the Galaxy? “I will no longer be your slave!” Yeah her. Enslaved by the Collector, forced to watch her predecessor in terror of meeting the same fate while also having no company apart from the occasional guest, those in the cages, and the Collector himself. Then when she makes her bid for freedom, she is torn apart in a brutally gruesome and painful manner.

  • From Quora user Justin Barnes:

    Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier.

    He's literally had his mind mostly wiped, reprogrammed by HYDRA, and Shuri is still trying to figure out how to clear his mind of the HYDRA programming and code words. Even more though, he even has told Iron Man that he not only remembers the victims he was brainwashed into killing, but he even told Cap he feels guilty about it, despite not being in control of his actions. He even tells Cap in Civil War that he's not sure he's worth all the trouble he and his friends are going through for him. He's broken and horribly damaged by what he was programmed into doing, despite not being able to have complete control over his body at the time.

    It's even more interesting to note too: In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Black Widow tells Cap that the Winter Soldier had been actively assassinating victims for the last 50 years, and Bucky was captured and had his missing arm replaced shortly before the time that Cap was frozen himself. Cap was frozen 70 or so years. This means that Bucky had been fighting HYDRA's attempts to program/break him for a long (and most likely, excruciating.) 20 years! And they eventually succeeded, but apparently Bucky is one mentally strong dude to fight off their programming for 20 years.

  • From Quora user Danny Chin:


    Her body was literally damaged to be a spy. She can never have kids and that’s why she treats Clint’s as her own. She was forced to kill without mercy. She was forced to seduce anybody, male or female. She was forced to become ruthless and heartless even though we see throughout the MCU she is very much caring and loving. Many years of her in such a state has damaged her into the person we see her as today. She doesn’t even have super powers to cope with. She has to literally cry and eat a sandwich to get by her growing depression that she keeps shoving away with smiles.

    And then. the saddest part. She can’t see a happy future for herself so she wants to die doing good one last time… and makes it her duty to sacrifice herself for the future of the Avengers and the world.

    Do you see it in her eyes? While all the broken characters are trying to live and find their happiness, Natasha has convinced herself she is too broken to move on. She would much rather end it for good, doing good. At that moment, it truly was okay for her and that’s why she is the most broken character in the MCU. 

    I don’t think she was su*cidal at all, only just very driven to do the thing that nobody was prepared for when it came to it because she convinced herself that’s how she wipes out the red in her ledger.

  • From Quora user Brie Fults:

    Good ol Wanda Maximoff.


    • -Watched her parents die a gruesome death
    • -Felt/saw her brother get shot
    • -Lost her country
    • -Had to fight her friends
    • -Kill her boyfriend
    • -Watch someone else kill her boyfriend
    • -Lost her sisterly/motherly figure (Natasha)

    Wanda’s been through the mill. She was in a rough state even before Endgame, possibly even Infinity War.

    Basically, Wanda is a hurt soul.