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The Most Ludicrously Reckless Theme Park Rides Ever Created

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As the name implies, amusements park rides are meant to exhilarate and thrill. To experience the most notoriously scary rides, people are willing to wait for hours in line, just so they can spend less than a minute getting whipped around at high speeds. However, when rogue operators decide to take the riders' amusement into their own hands, what often results are some pretty dangerous theme park rides. 

Some deadly amusement park rides seem so slapdash that one has to wonder how anyone  ever thought they sounded like fun. Loony ideas such as a human catapult or a 16-story drop with no harness usually end with disastrous accidents that seem totally out of place in the synthetically happy atmosphere of an amusement park. 

While such incidents are rare, some reckless theme park rides have led to serious injuries, and even deaths. While the rider is occasionally at fault, more often than not, a ride's issues stem from faulty construction and outlandish design choices. If your water park has a ride nicknamed "The Grave Pool," you know you're doing something wrong.