Weird History The Longest, Deadliest Wall In The World That Nobody Talks About  

Mick Jacobs

Imagine a wall that spans a distance greater than the distance between New York City and Havana. The video below shows one such wall, the Moroccan Western Sahara Wall, the most dangerous wall in the world.

Arising out of the Western Sahara conflict, the wall extends past Morocco itself into neighboring Mauritania and is heavily guarded with both troops and explosives. Morocco built the wall to keep out the Polisario Front, which sought to gain independence for Western Sahara.

With millions of landmines surrounding it, the "Wall of Shame" makes the contested area even more dangerous. The wall and its defenses have injured thousands of people over the course of its existence. 

Because of this, the wall continues to be a controversial issue today. Watch the video below to get an idea of how big this wall is and all the trouble it has managed to cause.