Adventure Time's Most Dastardly Villains

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Everyone knows the two main protagonists of Adventure Time, Finn and Jake, are two heroes sworn to protect Princess Bubblegum and her kingdom. Being such courageous knights, they have to regularly fight against a cast of characters to protect the land of Ooo. Well now's your chance to let others know who is really the most dastardly of them all! On this list, you'll find a number of truly evil Adventure Time villains, including ones so downright malicious that you have no idea how they ended up on a kid's show.

From angry lemons that scream and torture their citizens to nutty cookies who were misunderstood just a bit too much, this list includes major and minor characters in the series who have other plans than what the Princess has to offer to the land of Ooo. Keep scrolling through to see the guys who really mess with the peace.

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