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Military service animals have a longstanding history of taking care of our service men and women overseas without complaining even a titter. Maybe that’s because they don’t speak English, or maybe it’s because they’re the best darn soldiers the military has ever seen. Either way, they’re not only adorable little tramps, they’re also brave animals who risked life and limb to take care of the people that they loved. Some of the animals on list gave their lives for their country, some survived the most heinous terrorist attack on American soil, and they were all handsomely awarded for their valor. This list of the most decorated animals in military history is sure to set your heart a flutter and make your tear ducts tremble with emotion.

After working on this list, we’ve come to the conclusion that if we were the Headmaster General of the Army, we’d go out of our way to staff the entire military with puppies and kittens. Not only would this bring about total world peace, but we’d cut our military budget in half. And we’d probably only have to pay everyone in kibble! If you’re lucky enough to have a little dog or kitten (or goat!), then you’ll want to give them a big hug after you finish reading this list of the most decorated military animals.

Vote on your favorite military animal, and leave us a comment letting us know how many times you would pet your favorite, pooch, kitten, pigeon, or war horse. We’re willing to bet it’s over a million times.
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Sergeant Stubby is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The Most Decorated Animals in the Military
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Probably the most famous war dog, Stubby was found as a stray on the Yale campus in 1917, and smuggled to France during WWI. He participated in 17 battles and four offenses. He also used his keen senses to warn his unit of poison-gas attacks, incoming artillery fire, and to locate downed soldiers on the battlefield. His senses were also put to good use when he sniffed out and apprehended a German spy lurking in the trenches. What a good boy.
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Chips is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list The Most Decorated Animals in the Military
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Chips was a Collie/German Sherpard/Siberian Husky who saw his share of action in Germany, France, North Africa, and Sicily. Among the animal’s heroic exploits are his assault on an Italian machine gun nest and helping take 10 enemy Italian soldiers captive.
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Sergeant Reckless

Sergeant Reckless is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list The Most Decorated Animals in the Military
Photo: via Wikimedia

Sergeant Reckless might be the first request we've ever had for an entry on a list. Staff Sergeant Reckless might have gone unknown to the world if an article hadn't ran in the Saturday Evening Post detailing her heroics in the Korean War. Her main job was to carry recoilless rounds, during the Battle of PanMunjom-Vegas she made 51 solo trips in a single day, carrying a total of 386 recoilless rounds. And the stories of heroism go on and on like that. You can learn about her adventures in the book, Sgt. Reckless: America's War Horse, her lengthy wikipedia page, or in a series of fan videos. That is one popular horse.

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Treo was awarded the Dickin Medal for recognition of his help uncovering a number of IEDs during his time serving in Helmand Province, an insurgency hot spot. His success at detecting IEDs did not go unnoticed by the insurgents, and intercepted radio traffic included conversations about "the black dog."
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