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The Most Decorated Animals in the Military

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Some of the animals on this list gave their lives for their country, some survived the most heinous terrorist attack on American soil, and they were all handsomely awarded for their valor. This list of the most decorated animals in military history is sure to set your heart a flutter and make your tear ducts tremble with emotion.

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    In 1966, Nemo took a bullet to the eye while on patrol with Airman Bob ThroneburgThroneburg was shot in the shoulder, but Nemo attacked the Viet Cong, giving Throneburg the time he needed to call reinforcements. After the war Nemo was given permanent retirement. He died in 1972. 

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  • Photo: Unknown / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    Probably the most famous war dog, Stubby was found as a stray on the Yale campus in 1917, and smuggled to France during WWI. He participated in 17 battles and four offenses. He also used his keen senses to warn his unit of poison-gas attacks, incoming artillery fire, and to locate downed soldiers on the battlefield. His senses were also put to good use when he sniffed out and apprehended a German spy lurking in the trenches. What a good boy.

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    Chips was a Collie/German Sherpard/Siberian Husky who saw his share of action in Europe during World War II. Among the animal’s heroic exploits are his assault on an Italian machine gun nest and helping take 10 enemy soldiers captive.

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    Pfc. Hammer

    Pfc. Hammer proved his mettle when he decided to move in with the troops of a US Army unit in Iraq in 2004, killing and chasing away mice that would have devoured or contaminated the soldiers' food stores. The men were so grateful for Hammer’s hard work and affection toward them that they made him an honorary member of their unit. He now lives in Colorado with his old comrade, Staff Sgt. Rick Bousfield.

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