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12 Villains In Fantasy Movies Who Got Exactly What They Deserved

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What's more satisfying than fantasy movie villains who got what they deserved? Whenever a character spends the majority of a film's runtime ruining the lives of others, it's nice to see the tables finally turned. Fantasy villains tend to be especially egregious in the abuse they dole out to those around them, as they are often gifted with some sort of magical ability or unique power that allows them to lord over the common man. This makes it all the more satisfying when those common people rise up against their oppressor. 

A villain's demise is even more fitting if their own methods are somehow used against them. If they have a specific way of tormenting or defeating their enemies, then the third act better have the hero (or, by accident, the villain themselves) inflicting them with that same cruel fate they forced upon others.

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  • While many villains are demented enough to believe the ends justify their despicable means, Count Rugen is obsessed with the means themselves. He's a sadist who studies pain and develops a machine that can literally suck the life out of its victims. 

    To really understand what makes Rugen's demise so satisfying, you have to rewind 20 years from the start of The Princess Bride. Rugen ordered a sword to be made by the best swordsmith in the land, and upon its creation, he killed the craftsman. Unluckily for Rugen, the swordsman's son, Inigo Montoya, devoted his whole life to getting back at Rugen, the "six-fingered man" who cut down his father. During the climax of The Princess Bride, Inigo finally stands face to face with Rugen and challenges him to a duel. Rugen loses and begs for his life, promising to provide Inigo with "anything he wanted." He responds that he wants his father back, and plunges his blade into Rugen. The man finally pays for his past sins. Rugen may have taken a year from Westley's life, but Inigo takes a whole lot more from his.

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  • Dolores Umbridge is  so vile throughout her time in the Harry Potter films that many fans despise her more than Voldemort himself. In one instance, she sends Dementors to attack Harry (which could have ended his life) and attempts to have him expelled from Hogwarts for using magic to defend himself from them. She later tortures Harry by forcing him to use a quill that carves what he writes into his hand. Then, she plays a part in Dumbledore leaving the school and takes over as headmistress in his absence. As headmistress, she fires Hagrid for being a half-breed. 

    Umbridge finally pays for her despicable acts after she taunts a group of centaurs, calling them various epithets. She is attacked by them and dragged off into the forest. She is only saved due to the kindness of Dumbledore, but the event ultimately leads to her losing her position as headmistress, making for an incredibly satisfying end to her time at Hogwarts. Later, after Voldemort is defeated, Umbridge is thrown into Azkaban for life - just to add a cherry on top of her comeuppance sundae.

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  • Judge Doom is a despicable villain and bigot at the center of Who Framed Roger Rabbit; he hates the "Toons" and Toontown itself. Before the movie even begins, Doom has already ruined the life of one of its main characters, Eddie, as we discover it was Doom who killed Eddie's brother years before. That's only the beginning of his misdeeds, though, as Doom's ultimate goal is to use "Dip" (his own creation) to permanently eliminate the Toons forever. He plans to use the dip to fully destroy Toontown so that he can build gas stations and motels for people getting off his newly constructed freeway. 

    For as much as Judge Doom hates Toons, the biggest twist in the film is the reveal that Judge Doom himself is a Toon. This sets the stage for his demise, which is satisfying in more ways than one. First of all, he gets taken out by Eddie, who finally gets revenge for his brother's demise. Secondly, Doom perishes from his own container of Dip spraying out onto him. The very tool he saved up to eliminate other Toons is used to end his reign instead.

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  • The Harry Potter films gave cinema one of its most iconic villains with the sinister Lord Voldemort. He Who Shall Not Be Named begins his reign of evil at a young age, using his magic on the other kids at his orphanage, and then attacking Muggle-born students when he gets to Hogwarts. He eventually puts together an army of dark wizards with the ultimate goal of conquering the world and establishing dominance for pure-blood wizards. His plan is halted after a prophecy foretells a chosen one who will kill him, so he attempts to do away with that chosen one, Harry Potter, as an infant. His plan fails, and he goes away for a while to lick his wounds. 

    When Harry comes of age and makes it to Hogwarts, Voldemort begins to strike out once again. To defeat him, Harry and co. have to destroy his various Horcruxes. For readers who aren't in the know, Voldemort is obsessed with immortality and breaks his soul into various parts that bond to different beings and objects; those are dubbed Horcruxes. 

    Voldemort meets his karmic fate in a battle with Harry Potter. He's finally made fully vulnerable when Neville, a boy Voldemort had just been taunting, destroys the final Horcrux.

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