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MCU Villains Who Got Exactly What They Deserved

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Since Iron Man rocketed to screens in 2008, the MCU has managed to feature some incredible villains. While there have been several who were better than others, the bulk of the antagonists featured in the MCU have been compelling enemies, and for the most part, they got what they deserved in the end - even if wasn't officially in a court of law.

Not every MCU villain finished their arc in the franchise with every fan in the audience collectively exclaiming, "YES," at their demise, but most would fit that description (as long as they stay permanent). Below are the MCU villains the fans loved seeing lose to the good guys.

  • What Did He Do?: Darren Cross took over Hank Pym's company, and while working there, he managed to perfect the development of Pym Particles. Once he accomplished this, he mocked his former mentor and planned to sell the formula to Hydra alongside the Yellowjacket armor, which would make an army of insect-sized hitmen unstoppable. All of that is pretty bad, but he crossed the line when he threatened Scott Lang's daughter, which meant he had to go.

    His Fate: Ant-Man shrank down to microscopic size so he could fit inside Yellowjacket's armor. While inside, he smashed through as many electronic components as he could as he continued to shrink. Doing this managed to screw up the size-control system in the Yellowjacket suit, causing Cross's body to rapidly shrink as he tried in vain to stop the process. In the end, he shrank into nothingness.

    Is this karmic justice?
  • What Did He Do?: Kaecilius turned against his order and became an acolyte of Dormammu, which was the exact opposite of what he was supposed to do, which was to keep Dormammu from encroaching on reality. He became a significant threat to Doctor Strange and the rest of his allies. He was also responsible for a multitude of lost lives, including that of the Ancient One.

    His Fate: Just as all hope seemed lost, Strange used the Time Stone to halt Kaecilius and engage directly with Dormammu. He put the demonic being into a time loop, which could only be escaped by leaving Earth and never returning. When Strange accomplished this, he again stood against Kaecilius and let him know what was going to happen to him and his buddies. They were pulled into Dormammu's home dimension, where he was granted immortality as a Mindless One and would be tormented for all eternity for failing to stop Strange from thwarting Dormammu's plan.

    Is this karmic justice?
  • What Did He Do?: Thanos collected the six Infinity Stones and snapped his fingers (after fighting the collected might of the heroes of the MCU). When he did this, half of all life in the universe crumbled to dust and blew away. The number of casualties is essentially incalculable, seeing as it isn't known how many inhabited planets there are in the MCU, but just looking at Earth, it would have been in the billions. Half of all life includes plants and animals, so the numbers increase from there.

    His Fate: Thanos got served some Avengers justice twice. The first was after the snap, which had him at the mercy of the incredibly angry Avengers. Thor took off his head with a single swing of his ax.

    The second time Thanos perished, which was arguably the most satisfying to watch, Iron Man got the Infinity Stones and sacrificed his own life to snap away Thanos and all his minions. The Mad Titan could do nothing but sit down and fade away.

    Is this karmic justice?
  • What Did She Do?: Hela would argue that all she did was claim her birthright, but her enemies might point out the fact that she slayed the entire Asgardian military, sent the people into hiding, and snatched the throne. After all, she was the Goddess of Death, but she didn't have to take it so literally in her ascent to power.

    Her Fate: Hela was mostly unstoppable for Thor and his allies, but the son of Odin found a way to defeat her. He had Loki place Surtur's crown into the Eternal Flame, which restored Surtur to life and his rightful size - about as big as a mountain. That act initiated Ragnarok, and while it spelled doom for Asgard, Thor was able to rescue his people.

    When Hela went up against Surtur, she was incredibly outmatched. She assailed him but did no damage, so he took his sword and thrust it through her entire body into the very heart of Asgard, taking out both her and Asgard with one final blow.

    Is this karmic justice?