MCU Villains Who Got Exactly What They Deserved

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Vote up the moments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that prove that what goes around really comes around.

Since Iron Man rocketed to screens in 2008, the MCU has managed to feature some incredible villains. While there have been several who were better than others, the bulk of the antagonists featured in the MCU have been compelling enemies, and for the most part, they got what they deserved in the end - even if wasn't officially in a court of law.

Not every MCU villain finished their arc in the franchise with every fan in the audience collectively exclaiming, "YES," at their demise, but most would fit that description (as long as they stay permanent). Below are the MCU villains the fans loved seeing lose to the good guys.


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    What Did He Do?: Ego was a Celestial, essentially a gigantic space god in the MCU. He formed eons ago as a central brain, but over time, he developed into a living planet. When he learned to create an avatar of himself, he went out into the cosmos to discover life. He wasn't pleased with what he saw, so he hatched a plan to reproduce himself throughout the universe, which would supplant all life everywhere. Throughout this venture, he fathered countless hybrid children, all of whom he offed.

    His Fate: After revealing himself to Peter Quill, he told Peter he was his father and that his power existed in him. The two began to bond, but when Ego mentioned that he put the tumor into Peter's mother, he immediately tried to take Ego out in revenge. This didn't do very much, and Peter ended up fighting against his father with the help of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Ultimately, Groot managed to place a large detonator against Ego's brain at the center of the planet, which ended him. As he perished, he began to dissolve into dust.

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  • What Did He Do?: For starters, the guy was a member of the Third Reich, so that alone is enough to earn some punishment, but he was more than any run-of-the-mill member. He was the leader of Hydra, and he managed to pilfer the Tesseract from its hiding place on Earth. He then used the artifact to create an army of unstoppable sci-fi warriors and nearly took out several major cities in the United States, which resulted in Captain America being frozen for 70 years.

    His Fate: The Red Skull suffered a fate many would argue is worse than being slain. He grabbed the Tesseract, with the Space Stone as its core. It then opened up a portal and transported him into space. He wasn't seen again until the events of Avengers: Infinity War revealed he was banished to Vormir, where he remained as a semi-corporeal spirit and guardian of the Soul Stone. Forever close to power, but never able to take it for himself.

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    What Did He Do?: Ronan The Accuser was a Kree zealot who swore to wipe out Xandar and all of its people. To accomplish this, he allied himself with Thanos and eventually was able to gain the Power Stone, which could be used to take out an entire planet. Ronan fought through the skies of Xandar and almost saw his dream become a reality.

    His Fate: Seconds before Ronan could slam his instrument onto the ground to wipe out the planet, Star-Lord began dancing like an idiot. He said he was challenging him to a dance-off, but he was only serving to distract him long enough for Rocket to blast the Stone out of his hammer. When this happened, Star-Lord grabbed the Stone, and with the combined might of the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Stone was used to utterly obliterate Ronan from existence.

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  • What Did He Do?: Darren Cross took over Hank Pym's company, and while working there, he managed to perfect the development of Pym Particles. Once he accomplished this, he mocked his former mentor and planned to sell the formula to Hydra alongside the Yellowjacket armor, which would make an army of insect-sized hitmen unstoppable. All of that is pretty bad, but he crossed the line when he threatened Scott Lang's daughter, which meant he had to go.

    His Fate: Ant-Man shrank down to microscopic size so he could fit inside Yellowjacket's armor. While inside, he smashed through as many electronic components as he could as he continued to shrink. Doing this managed to screw up the size-control system in the Yellowjacket suit, causing Cross's body to rapidly shrink as he tried in vain to stop the process. In the end, he shrank into nothingness.

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    What Did He Do?: Obadiah Stane was a beloved friend of Howard Stark, and something of a mentor/father figure to Tony, but it was all a ruse. Instead of working with Tony, he was working behind the scenes to take Tony out of the equation. He worked with a rebel organization to off Tony, and after Tony returned with his miniaturized arc reactor tech, Stane snatched the tech and launched a project of his own to create a superior form of armor under the name Iron Monger.

    His Fate: After donning the Iron Monger armor, Stane fought against Tony, who was barely conscious after he was nearly slain by Stane in his home. Nearly out of power, Stane appeared to be victorious as he stood over a badly damaged Iron Man on the roof of the arc reactor building. While he was monologuing, Pepper Potts managed to overload the arc reactor, which blasted a massive amount of energy into Stane, ending him instantly.

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    What Did He Do?: Kaecilius turned against his order and became an acolyte of Dormammu, which was the exact opposite of what he was supposed to do, which was to keep Dormammu from encroaching on reality. He became a significant threat to Doctor Strange and the rest of his allies. He was also responsible for a multitude of lost lives, including that of the Ancient One.

    His Fate: Just as all hope seemed lost, Strange used the Time Stone to halt Kaecilius and engage directly with Dormammu. He put the demonic being into a time loop, which could only be escaped by leaving Earth and never returning. When Strange accomplished this, he again stood against Kaecilius and let him know what was going to happen to him and his buddies. They were pulled into Dormammu's home dimension, where he was granted immortality as a Mindless One and would be tormented for all eternity for failing to stop Strange from thwarting Dormammu's plan.

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