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13 Sci-Fi Villains Who Got Exactly What They Deserved

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When done right, sci-fi movie villain deaths can be incredibly satisfying. You know when villains have done their job right when the audience hates them with a fiery passion. The director has done their job if they allow the audience to blow off all that steam by watching the villain croak in the most gruesome (or at least karmically satisfying) way possible. Bonus points if the method said villain used to maim or torment people is turned around and used against them.

The world of sci-fi produces some of the biggest and baddest villains around, and the bigger they are, the harder they fall. When the villains from this genre are given a taste of their own medicine, it involves, say, fiery falls from skyscrapers experienced in slow motion due to all the futuristic drugs they're on. Or, if a bad guy is really unlucky, using a kaiju to terrorize thousands of people results in an opposing kaiju showing up to throw him hundreds of feet through the air to his demise. Basically, it's a genre filled with brutal villains who face incredibly brutal deaths. Vote up the villains that got exactly what they deserved.

  • What Did He Do? In the world of Mad Max: Fury Road, Earth's remaining survivors spend their days waging war in a dystopian wasteland. Immortan Joe is in control of a vast portion of the water supply, and thus, controls the people around him. Immortan Joe is ruthless to his followers and keeps women as slaves known as his "wives." In Fury Road, one of his generals, Furiosa, escapes with his wives, so he leads his army of "War Boys" to get them back.

    What Was His Fate? Immortan Joe's death is as brutal as the man himself. In a final battle with Furiosa, the Five Wives, and the eponymous Max, Immortan Joe meets his fate at the hands of the very women he abused. He's ready to kill Furiosa when Toast, one of the Five Wives, distracts him, giving Furiosa time to attach a grappling hook to his mask and then wrap it up in a moving car wheel so that it gruesomely rips off Joe's face. As he dies, Toast spits in his what's left of his face. He gets brutalized by the people he brutalized and disrespected by the women he disrespected - a fitting end to a monster of a man.

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  • What Did He Do? In Aliens, space colonization has been privatized. This means that when Ripley and company respond to a colony in need of help after being overrun by Xenomorphs, a corporate liaison by the name of Carter Burke is sent along with them. At first, Burke (Paul Reiser) plays the nice guy, but his ulterior motives soon become apparent. He's the one who ordered the colony to investigate Ripley's old ship (that had Xenomorphs on it) in the first place, and when he accompanied Ripley's crew on the rescue mission, he secretly was hoping to bring back a Xenomorph to study. He's willing to do this by any means necessary, including locking Ripley and a young girl in a room with a facehugger in hopes they will be "impregnated" by it, and he can smuggle the Xenomorph spawn back to Earth inside of them.

    What Was His Fate? Burke, ever the traitor, narrowly escapes facing justice with the Marines after the Xenomorphs attack. He exits the room, locks the Marines in the room with the aliens, and then almost immediately comes face-to-face with a Xenomorph of his very own. In the original cut of the film, his demise is left off-screen, but there is a deleted scene in which Ripley finds him in a cocoon, begging for help and squealing that they're "inside of [him]." Burke was a truly terrible guy, so it's nice to see him suffer the same horrible fate he caused for so many innocent people in the colony and crew.

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  • What Did He Do? Jabba the Hutt is a space gangster in the world of Star Wars who seems to spend most of his time preoccupied with the money Han Solo owes him. He goes as far as to put a bounty on Solo's head - which Greedo famously failed to collect on, but Boba Fett eventually won after collecting Solo's carbonite-encased body from the floating city of Bespin. Princess Leia then attempts to rescue Han but instead gets captured and forced into slavery, where she gets chained up at Jabba's disgusting side while made to wear a metal bikini. 

    What Was His Fate? Eventually, Luke Skywalker shows up, has himself captured, and then gets sentenced to death in the Sarlacc pit. At the moment he should be slain, Skywalker launches his escape plan, and in the ensuing chaos, Leia is able to wrap her chain around Jabba's bulbous neck and choke the life out of him. There's definitely a poetic end to a slave owner getting choked out by the very means he used to keep the enslaved by his side.

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  • What Did He Do? After robbing a bank, Clarence Boddicker and his crew get chased down by police officers Alex Murphy and Anne Lewis. The duo track the crooks to a steel mill, where they get separated. Murphy isn't able to take them all down alone, so Boddicker (Kurtwood Smith) gets the upper hand on him and begins to beat him with a shotgun. He blows Murphy's hand off - for fun - and watches as he writhes on the ground in pain. The gang members want to get in on the fun, so one of them blows his arm off, and then they shoot him countless times, somehow leaving him still alive and suffering until Boddicker finally puts a bullet through his head. 

    What Was His Fate? As it turns out, the officer Boddicker took out, Murphy, becomes RoboCop. Boddicker has a few run-ins with his inadvertent creation, gets arrested, and later escapes. This leads to their final climactic confrontation; Boddicker briefly has the upper hand, but after letting his guard down, RoboCop is able to produce a long metal spike from his wrist that he shoves into Boddicker's neck. It's an exceptionally violent end to an exceptionally violent man. A man Boddicker thought he'd slain instead became something more powerful than he ever could have imagined and put a stop to his days of crime once and for all.

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