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Star Wars Superweapons Ranked by Destructive Power

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While many fans hate to admit it, Star Wars and superweapons go hand in hand. Star Wars superweapons come in many shapes and sizes (mostly really big). While The Empire Strikes Back is widely regarded as the best of the film in the series, the original film set a precedent for the rest of the franchise with the Death Star. Ever since that original planet-destroying weapon and its successor graced movie theaters, every game, comic, and novel has been trying to top it.  

Even The Force Awakens, for better or for worse, did its best to outdo the Death Star. Instead of a weapon that could destroy planets, they created a planet that could destroy entire star systems. Somehow, it's still not the most ridiculous planet-killer out there. Want to know which one is the craziest? Check out the list below!

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    The Sun Crusher

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    A small indestructible fighter built by the Empire that fires a small torpedo at the biggest star in a system, causing it to turn into a supernova. The resulting devastation wipes out everything in the star system. It was used by Kyp Durron to destroy the Imperial Academy on Carida, along with the Carida system itself. It was ultimately destroyed when it was sent into a black hole. 

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    Starkiller Base

    A superweapon built into a planet by the First Order. It harnesses the power of stars into fire blasts capable of destroying several planets at once. Its was first and only used to destroy the New Republic capital of Hosnian Prime, along with other plants and ships in the system. When attempting to destroy a Resistance base, an attack led by Poe Dameron destroyed the weapon, transforming the Starkiller into a star. 

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    Death Star II

    Not content with simply rebuilding the Death Star, the Empire decided to up the power of the weapon just because they could. The station was also used to target individual capital ships during the Battle of Endor, dealing severe damage to the Rebel fleet. A group of ships led by Wedge Antilles and Lando Calrissian flew into the station’s superstructure and wrecked its power generator, which destroyed the whole weapon. 

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    The Star Forge

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    Less an actual weapon and more a means for a total military victory, the Star Forge was a shipyard that used the power of a star to construct fleets of ships. It was used by Darth Revan and later Darth Malak during the Jedi Civil War and it almost allowed them to destroy the Republic. However, Revan turned against his apprentice and destroyed the station.

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