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The Most Completely Obsessed Fan Bases In The World

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List RulesCelebrity, band or brand, if it has devoted fans, then it belongs on this list!

Devoted fan bases can make or break careers. Without a loyal following the celebrity, sports team, organization, or franchise will only go so far till it runs out of cold hard cash. And that's where the best fan bases come in. Fanboys and fangirls pump loads of dollars into the one thing they are fascinated with. Why do fan bases do this? It could be for the pure joy and excitement of following an icon, the feeling of being connected to something so powerful, or the obsession that is totally immersing yourself in the culture of fandom. Regardless, being a fan is a beautiful thing that has no right or wrong answer.

Look over the list of fan base names below, and vote for the ones that are truly obsessive - er... devoted. 

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