17 Directors Who Are Notoriously Difficult to Work With

Want to be a glamorous Hollywood movie star? Well, you might think twice when you hear what working for some of these directors is like. Though they have some of the most storied and award-winning careers in film, they got there with ruthless determination and supposedly by being just plain difficult to work with.

Ever since the start of the movie business, there have been sordid tales of difficult directors who clashed with actors - and turned making films into a nightmare for everyone else involved. These directors might take their craft a little too seriously, and they've earned unfavorable reputations as some of the worst people to work with in the process.

Granted, some of these directors have produced the best movies to ever be made, but was it worth it? James Cameron gave the world Titanic, but did he need to be so rude about it? And what about Coppola, von Trier, and Michael Bay (who Megan Fox famously likened to Hitler after filming Transformers)? Does making good movies and being one of the best directors really require all this shouting and behind-the-scenes drama? Of course, things really get interesting when these directors butt heads with notoriously difficult actors. In those cases, the crew likely just sits back and watches the fireworks.

After hearing about some of the stunts these directors have pulled, you may think twice about those dreams of being an actor. Read through these on-set horror stories from famous directors.