The 15 Most Difficult Sex Positions Ever Invented

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Sex is great. Everyone knows that. After a while though, you and your partner might want to change things up in order to keep it fresh and have new sexual experiences. You two might even want a challenge. Here are also the most dangerous sex positions and bizarre injuries that happened while filming porn. 

These are the most difficult sex positions ever conceived by mankind. In fact, none of these can really be recommended because most of these positions require superhero-levels of strength, and taffy-like flexibility. So, you've been warned. In any case, read all about, and rank, the 10 hardest sex positions of all time.

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    Stand & Carry

    Stand & Carry
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    This move is super hard, and not every couple is going to be doable for everyone. The guy stands and carries his partner while she wraps her legs around him and he thrusts. It sounds easy but the guy needs a lot of upper body strength to make it work. 

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    Butter Churner

    This position is accomplished by having the lady lay on her back and raise her legs over her head as the male penetrates her on top. This position puts a lot of pressure on the woman's neck and shoulders. Plus, I hope the guy has done his squats since sitting on the woman will just crush her.
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    The Jellyfish

    The man starts by kneeling in the middle of the bed, with his butt resting on his calves while keeping his upper body upright. Then the woman straddles him and squats down so he can enter. There's not going to be a lot of thrusting. When performing the Jellyfish, you will spend most of your time doing a grinding motion, back and forth, onto each other.

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    The London Bridge

    Just the standard woman-on-top position but with the man doing a back bridge. To accomplish this position, the man would require massive core strength and balance. This position is also purely for bragging rights since it doesn't enhance the man's pleasure at all and there are less gymnastic ways to penetrate a woman deeper.