The 12 Most Disappointing Anime Of 2022 (So Far)

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2022 brought us some anime that were absolute bangers, but unfortunately, not ever series measured up. For this list, we're talking about the most disappointing 2022 anime. Let's commiserate about the shows that we thought were going to be great, but just didn't measure up. 

The anime on this list aren't necessarily the worst anime of 2022. Instead, they're anime that seemed like they were going to be good or at least okay, but were lacking in some crucial way.

Some of them have strong points. Bubble, for example, is visually stunning - it's just lacking in the plot and character department. Others wasted their potential - Requiem of the Rose King was an amazing manga that should have had an amazing anime adaptation but didn't. Others were second seasons that might have seemed okay if not for the hype around the first season - The Rising of the Shield Hero 2 and The Devil is a Part Timer 2 just couldn't live up to their predecessors. 


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    The Rising of the Shield Hero (Season 2)

    The Rising of the Shield Hero (Season 2)
    Photo: The Rising of the Shield Hero / Kinema Citrus, DR Movie

    When The Rising of the Shield Hero first debuted, it made a huge splash. Its bad boy protagonist and dark world set it apart from other isekai, as did its exceptional art and animation. The controversies surrounding Malty's abhorrent behavior and Naofumi's horrifying decision to purchase slaves created massive debate. Though not everyone liked the first season, it certainly got people talking.

    In Season 2, there wasn't much to talk about. Other than a bizarre and unpleasant moment where Raphtalia insists on keeping her slave mark despite the opportunity for freedom, and a new character also asks to be enslaved, it wasn't especially controversial. It's good that S2 toned down the sketchier moments, but not including quite as many unpleasant elements doesn't make for a good show. 

    The plot itself, which expanded on the isekai world a bit and introduced some new characters, just wasn't particularly exciting. The characters didn't really grow or change, and nothing that was happening felt especially consequential. Many fans complained about the drop in animation quality and off-putting CGI sequences as well. Can they pull it together for Season 3? We'll see.

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  • Requiem Of The Rose King
    Photo: Requiem of the Rose King / J.C. Staff

    Requiem of the Rose King is an acclaimed shojo manga that follows an intersex version of Richard III from his tumultuous childhood into his adulthood during the War of the Roses. Emotionally complex, visually rich, and filled with interesting historical tidbits, it's a straight up fantastic manga. 

    Sadly, the anime just didn't live up to the manga. The animation was lackluster, and the storytelling was rushed and convoluted. 

    This is common for shojo anime. Often, these projects don't receive the sort of budget and timeframe that are needed to produce a successful anime. This may be because studios assume that they won't do as well as more popular shonen series. Then, when they inevitably fail because of poor quality, the cycle continues. Hopefully, successful shojo anime like Fruits Basket will convince creators to put more resources behind their shojo projects.

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    The Devil Is A Part-Timer! (Season 2)

    The Devil Is A Part-Timer! (Season 2)
    Photo: The Devil is a Part-Timer! / Studio 3Hz

    When the sequel to the major hit The Devil is a Part-Timer! was announced, fans were hyped. Yes, there was some concern about the series changing hands from White Fox to the less acclaimed Studio 3Hz, but many remained hopeful. Once the series actually premiered, though, that hope went right out the window. 

    One of the biggest problems with the sequel was the lower quality of art and animation. It just straight up didn't look as good. Some of this may be due to White Fox being a significantly bigger studio than 3Hz.

    That wasn't the only problem - the writing also didn't match up. Character traits were severely exaggerated - for example, Emi and Chiho's crushes on Maou took up so much space that they were practically their only character traits. The plot was hard to parse - there was way too much going on, and it didn't add up to much.

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    Futsal Boys!!!!!

    Futsal Boys!!!!!
    Photo: Futsal Boys!!!!! / Diomedéa

    There are two things that make a sports anime memorable - the characters, and the depiction of the sport itself. Successful sports anime have characters that are either lovable as in Haikyuu!! or Free!, complex and well-developed as in Run with the Wind, or so absolutely bonkers that you can't help but be fascinated by them as in Yowamushi Pedal and Kuroko's Basketball. 

    None of the characters in Futsal Boys!!!! fall into any of these categories, nor do they do anything noteworthy of their own. It's hard to root for characters to win if you don't really care about them.

    Then there's the gameplay. Futsal is an actual sport, and it's pretty complicated. While the names of various plays were generally correct, most of the actual movements weren't accurate. This isn't an anime where you'll learn much about the spotlight sport.

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  • RWBY: Ice Queendom
    Photo: RWBY: Ice Queendom / Shaft

    RWBY is the subject of a lot of nerd nostalgia. Created by the late Monty Oum, it's an important piece of anime-inspired Western media. That's why a lot of people had their hopes up about a RWBY series created by an actual anime studio.

    While it's clear that a lot of care and thought went into creating this anime, a lot of fans still weren't satisfied. The original story wasn't able to capture the feel of the original RWBY, which generated some major disappointment. What's more, the art and animation was often a bit uneven.

    Due to COVID-19, the staff was unable to work together as a team, and had to do a ton of tasks independently. The result was a product that wasn't as cohesive as it might have been otherwise.

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    Fanfare Of Adolescence

    Fanfare Of Adolescence
    Photo: Fanfare of Adolescence / Lay-duce

    A pop idol drops out of his group in order to go to school to be a jockey. That's an eye-catching plot, and it could have been great… but if it had lived up to its potential, it wouldn't be on this list. 

    While poor art and animation are common in mid-tier anime, they really stood out here. Most series don't spend this much time depicting horses running, so when they look awkward and stilted, you notice. 

    Besides the visuals, Fanfare of Adolescence had another problem - it bit off way more than it could chew. The series tried to take on serious topics like life-altering injuries, animal deaths, and eating disorders, but it offered an extremely shallow take on all of them. Had this been a two-cour series, they might have been able to give these complex topics the time they deserved. Since they only had one cour to work with, maybe they should have reduced the number of subplots.

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