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The Best of 2019
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The Most Disappointing Movies of 2019

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UPDATED: Check out the biggest movie letdowns of 2020!

It's always a bummer when a highly anticipated movie turns out to be less than impressive and some of the most disappointing films of 2019 left audiences feeling cheated. There are a variety of reasons a movie may disappoint. Adaptations of beloved books may fail to stay loyal to their source material. Reboots of cinematic classics may not have the same stamina as their predecessors. And, sometimes, a movie has a great cast and director, but simply falls flat with audiences. 

This year, there were plenty of films that failed to live up to expectations. Hellboy is a clear example of a film that has a built-in fanbase but struggled without the creative direction of Guillermo Del Torro and the charisma of Ron Pearlman. Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway on here for two films each. These films were some of the biggest movie letdowns of 2019. 

Vote below for the biggest letdowns of 2019. Cast your vote for the movies that left you most disappointed and add any movies that you feel are missing. 

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