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The Most Disappointing Nostalgic Albums For '90s Kids

List Rules'90s kids only: vote up the 'albums you were most disappointed by.

One-hit wonders on albums can be a blessing and a curse for an artist. On one hand, having a hit is a great and life-changing thing. On the other hand, if the album fails, oftentimes the artist immediately fades into obscurity. For fans, it can be disappointing when you love a song, but the album it's on doesn't deliver as a whole. The '90s and 2000s were full of such albums.

'90s one-hit wonders are a real nostalgic phenomenon nowadays, and it seems like there were too many of them to count - from boy bands to hip-hop artists to rock groups. Do you remember the feeling you got when you put on Deep Blue Something's 11th Song and realized that "Breakfast At Tiffany's" was pretty much a catchy anomaly on an album of duds? And let's be honest, everyone was a little disappointed when they listened to that Lou Bega album in full after car jamming to "Mambo No. 5."

Get ready to relive some truly bland moments in music history and vote on the most disappointing albums of the '90s and 2000s. 

  • 1

    ArtistBaha Men

    TracksIt's All in the Mind, What's Up, Come On

    Genres (Music)Hip hop music, Dance music, Pop rap, Reggae, Soca music

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  • 2

    ArtistLou Bega

    ProducerSyndicate Musicproduction

    TracksMambo No. 5 (A Little Bit of...), Tricky, Tricky

    Length (mins)00:43:26


    Genres (Music)Pop music, Hip hop music, Jazz, Latin pop, Mambo

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  • 3


    TracksSmalltown, One by One, Creepy Crawling


    Genres (Music)Alternative rock, Pop music, Hard rock, Post-punk, Industrial rock

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  • 4


    TracksGeat Real Low, Shittin' Me, Do It Like Me

    Length (mins)00:56:23

    Genres (Music)Snap music

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  • 5

    ArtistTal Bachman

    TracksDarker Side of Blue, Romanticide, Looks Like Rain

    Length (mins)00:46:35


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  • 6
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  • 7

    ArtistVanilla Ice

    TracksDancin', Hooked, I Love You

    Length (mins)00:57:55

    Genres (Music)Pop music, Hip hop music, Pop rap, Funk, Beatboxing

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  • 8

    ArtistInner Circle

    TracksDown by the River, Shock Out Jamaican Style, Looking for a Better Way

    Length (mins)01:14:32

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  • 9


    TracksUnpredictable, I'm Not in Love, Ghost of You and Me

    Length (mins)00:44:17

    Genres (Music)Pop music, Pop rock

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  • 10

    ArtistNine Days

    TracksCrazy, Revolve, Absolutely (Story of a Girl)

    Length (mins)00:53:52

    Genres (Music)Alternative rock, Indie rock, Power pop

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  • 11

    ArtistStereo MC's

    TracksConnected, Sketch, Everything

    Length (mins)00:53:35

    Genres (Music)Hip hop music, Pop rap, Electronic music

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  • 12

    ArtistDeep Blue Something

    TracksNo More, One for Reality, She'll Go to Pieces

    Length (mins)00:55:02

    LabelDoberman Records

    Genres (Music)Alternative rock, Post-grunge

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  • 13


    TracksCrazy ’cause I Believe (Early Morning Sunshine), Cryptik Souls Crew, Cold Chillin’

    Length (mins)00:44:14


    Genres (Music)Alternative rock, Indie rock, Indie pop, Hip hop music, Pop rock

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  • 14

    ArtistSir Mix-a-Lot

    TracksOne Time’s Got No Case, Mack Daddy, The Jack Back

    Length (mins)01:00:10

    Genres (Music)Hip hop music

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  • 15

    ArtistMeredith Brooks

    ProducerDavid Ricketts, Geza X

    TracksWatched You Fall, Shatter, Wash My Hands

    Length (mins)00:51:12

    LabelCapitol Records

    Genres (Music)Alternative rock, Rock music

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  • 16

    ArtistThe Calling

    TracksUnstoppable, Wherever You Will Go, Just That Good

    Length (mins)00:46:06

    LabelRCA Records

    Genres (Music)Heavy metal, Alternative rock, Rock music, Pop rock, Glam metal

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  • 17

    ArtistNatalie Imbruglia

    ProducerNigel Godrich, Phil Thornalley, Matt Bronleewe

    TracksSmoke, Left of the Middle, Impressed

    Length (mins)00:18:19

    Genres (Music)Rock music, Pop music, Pop rock, Dream pop, Post-grunge

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  • 18

    ArtistHarvey Danger

    ProducerJohn Goodmanson

    TracksWoolly Muffler, Carlotta Valdez, Old Hat

    Length (mins)00:46:33

    Genres (Music)Alternative rock, Rock music, Indie rock, Pop punk

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  • 19

    ArtistCrash Test Dummies

    ProducerJerry Harrison

    TracksIn the Days of the Caveman, I Think I’ll Disappear Now, How Does a Duck Know?

    Length (mins)00:44:52

    Genres (Music)Alternative rock

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  • 20

    ArtistAlanis Morissette

    ProducerGlen Ballard

    TracksThat I Would Be Good, I Was Hoping, Joining You

    Length (mins)01:14:59

    Genres (Music)Electronica, Alternative rock, Rock music, Hard rock, Pop rock

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  • 21

    ArtistMarcy Playground

    TracksThe Vampires of New York, Gone Crazy, One More Suicide

    Length (mins)00:34:41


    Genres (Music)Alternative rock, Pop rock, Post-grunge, Grunge

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  • 22

    Artist4 Non Blondes

    ProducerDavid Tickle

    TracksSuperfly, Dear Mr. President, Calling All the People

    Length (mins)00:41:08

    Genres (Music)Alternative rock

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  • 23

    ArtistJoan Osborne

    TracksLumina, One of Us, Man in the Long Black Coat

    Length (mins)01:01:19

    LabelBlue Gorilla

    Genres (Music)Rock music

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  • 24

    ArtistNew Radicals

    ProducerGregg Alexander

    TracksMother We Just Can't Get Enough, Jehovah Made This Whole Joint for You, Crying Like a Church on Monday

    Length (mins)00:54:20

    Genres (Music)Alternative rock, Rock music, Pop music, Pop rock

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  • 25


    TracksReclaim My Place, [silence], All in the Family

    LabelEpic Records

    Genres (Music)Alternative metal, Nu metal, Rapcore, Funk metal, Rap metal

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