The Most Disastrous Royal Weddings In History

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding may look like a fantasy come to life, but not all royal weddings have been quite as anticipated or picturesque. In fact, some of the worst royal weddings in history involve behaviors that feel anything but regal. One groom lamented, "If only I'd stuck with the hemorrhoids," while another almost backed out of his marriage – and that's just the beginning when it comes to the most disastrous royal weddings in history.

Sometimes the wedding day is flawless, but the union itself turns out to be one of the worst royal marriages. Who could forget Henry VIII and his obsession with beheading his brides? Or George IV, who only married for the lavish dowry and cried through the entire ceremony? And then there's the wedding day that caused a massacre that slaughtered 3,000 people, and the king who left his wedding to torture witches. 

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