15 Nasty Body Horror Films, From 'Hard To Watch' To 'Positively Depraved'

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Not everyone can handle disgusting body horror movies, but those who can appreciate them like a fine wine, which is perhaps appropriate, given that wine is substituted for the blood of Christ and The Passion of the Christ is kind of a body horror movie. The best body horror movies are incredibly difficult to pull off; the extreme nature of the genre makes it easy for the most disgusting body horror movies to come across as cheesy if the writing, effects, and acting aren't exactly on point.

The disgusting body horror films below are the nastiest of the nasty, and paragons of their genre. The 2010s alone had more than their share of memorable body horror moments. Keep in mind that these films aren't slasher flicks, so don't expect to see Leatherface or Jason Vorhees. These are horrors that come from within, which may be scarier than any serial killer looking to gouge some eyeballs. While not every film here is rife with deluges of blood, they're all very disturbing horror movies. 

You'll find everything from '70s shoestring-budget horror to '80s remakes and modern body mutilation porn. Chances are you've seen a lot of these gross movies (this list isn't really stuff for neophytes), but in case you haven't, you'll find their levels of nasty ranked on the following scale (starting with the easiest on your stomach):

  • Hard To Watch
  • Pretty Darn Gross
  • Vomit Inducing
  • Absolutely Disgusting
  • Positively Depraved

So, if you're curious to see just how bad these movies get, check out the list below!

Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY