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The Most Disgusting Canned Foods

The most disgusting canned foods make Spam look like a well-aged filet mignon. These weird canned foods make fast food look like fine dining. These strange canned foods make Spaghetti-Os look like $100/plate Italian cuisine. From the weird meats to bugs to strange food combinations, these canned foods contain things that most people wouldn't eat fresh, let alone after they've been sitting in an aluminum can for who knows how long on some dusty shelf. Worst canned foods ever.

Everyone loves convenience but there's only so much quality that can be preserved when companies start canning foods like BBQ chicken sandwiches, peanut butter and jelly, cheeseburgers and hot dogs. Then again, hot dogs even fresh are not the definition of fine food to begin with.

For many of these canned foods, the dish is considered a delicacy in one part of the world or another. Haggis is wildly popular in Scotland. Duck fat is big in France. Silkworm pupae is sold on the streets in Korea. None of the above are considered close to normal in these parts and we would probably never seen them in cans in the US. Then again, the people who enjoy those weird foods probably frown on the canned buzzard gizzards and canned creamed possum, two foods that also make this list.

What are the most disgusting canned food in the world? Other foods on this list are just weird. Canned huitlacoche is something along the lines of hibernating excrement fungi that grows on corn. Canned birds nest drink is made from actual birds nests. Canned Russian herring is literally a can of fish mouths, complete with big, scary teeth. Whoever decided these things are edible needs to get their head examined.

All of these foods are way worse than the gross foods that other cultures actually love. These strange canned foods are as suspect as recipes that use bodily fluids. These disgusting canned foods are the ones that would stay on the shelves after a catastrophic event when we're all starving. These weird canned foods are just wrong. Yuck!

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    Canned Tongues

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    There's a reason lamb tongues are canned. It's because eating animal tongues is disgusting, hence the excess and the need to stuff these suckers into cans for eternity. No amount of garnish or serving suggestion can make canned lamb tongues any less gross.
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    Canned Bird's Nest Drink

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    In some parts of the world, bird's nest soup is considered a delicacy despite being made from the spit and nests created by cave swifts. The nests are dissolved and made into soup. Yeah, it's disgusting, but not as disgusting as taking that recipe and making it into a canned energy drink.
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    Canned Haggis

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    Haggis is made from taking the organs of a sheep, like the heart, liver and lungs, and mixing it with onion, oatmeal and spices, then stuffing it into the stomach of a sheep and cooking it. Canned haggis is all of the above stuffed into a can where it sits for who knows how long before a brave soul, read drunk people of Scotland, eats it. *Shudders*
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    Canned Huitlacoche

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    Canned huitlacoche sounds disgusting, but is a Mexican specialty that translates to "corn smut." Corn smut sounds disgusting too but it's really only the fungus that grows on corn, which isn't disgusting at all. The food is also called cuitacoche, which literally translates to hibernating excrement.
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