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People Describe The Most Disturbing Things They Ever Witnessed On Highways

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Most people have been involved in a highway fender bender or glimpsed something strange on the side of the road. Some highway horrors are decidedly different, though - and much more gruesome. These tales of creepy highway encounters from Reddit will shake you to your core. In one inexplicable instance, a live turkey even turned into a cloud of feathers. Many of these experiences stay with those who witness them for years and years - they can't be unseen.

  • A Teenage Motorcyclist Slid From His Bike

    From Redditor /u/duckbuttercornpone:

    Saw a motorcyclist lose control of their bike at high speed and slide on his stomach for a good sixty feet head first into a curb with no helmet. Turned out the kid was 17. It happened while my wife and I were waiting at a red light with the curb he hit about four feet away from us. The sound he made when he hit the curb left no doubt to either of us that he was killed instantly.

    I was the first person to get to him and his chest had basically been scraped off as had his lower face and his head was to the side of his spine.

  • A Woman Threw Herself Into Traffic

    From Redditor /u/insanemembrane19:

    Saw my ex-wife get hit by a car she ran in front of to try and kill herself. She went airborne and hit the ground. When I went running to see if she was ok she was just lying there lifeless blood pooling out of her mouth and bleeding from the ears and her teeth flew through her lip. I was hysterical and some random woman started hugging me and was trying to calm me down.

    She survived and we got divorced about a year later. She was very abusive physically and emotionally but I wish she wouldn't have done that or had to go through that pain...

  • One Car Pinned And Dragged A Motorcyclist And Didn't Even Realize It

    From Redditor /u/bewalsh:

    Guy on a Harley takes a right merging into 30 mph traffic, car behind him hits and knocks his bike over pinning a leg and dragging this dude several meters before realizing what they'd done and stopping.

    The guy was alive but wow he looked like somebody skinned him.

  • No One Could Find Her Head

    From Redditor /u/HumongousDwarf:

    Stopped to help shortly after a car went through a sharp curve and flipped. As I initially looked in to the upside-down car, I heard one other guy say, "Where's her head?" Another guy frantically replied, "Head? There is no head!" About the same time, I looked and noticed that the female driver (sole occupant) was either beheaded in the crash, or, more likely, her head was crushed and not visible between the top of her seat and the roof of the car, the two of which seemed to be touching.

    Firemen and EMTs where arriving just then and I backed away, knowing that there was nothing that I could do to help.