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Horror Movies Nobody Who Is Squeamish Can Finish, Ranked

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Whether it's gross-out horror, extreme slashers, or just horror movies that are downright disturbing, not every movie is exactly easy to sit through. And the goriest scenes aren't always even in horror movies. In fact, some movies - even whole film movements - make it a point of being as difficult to watch as possible, whether that means amping up the gore or introducing scenes of physical degradation. 

While some of these films become underground cult classics, others become endurance tests that individuals subject themselves or their friends to in order to see who's "tough enough" to watch the whole thing. Whatever the case may be, there are plenty of horror movies out there that nobody who is of a, shall we say, delicate disposition is likely to make it to the end of - at least, not without covering their eyes or needing a barf bag.