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Disturbing Hulk Moments The MCU Would Never Show Us

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While the Hulk has been on a rampage or two throughout the MCU, the current jolly green scientist is a far cry from how Banner is generally portrayed in some of the darker Hulk comics out there. The character is a monster, and when that's taken to its full extent, some scenes arise that are not meant for the big screen. That's never been more prominent than it is in the current horror comic Hulk is starring in, Immortal Hulk

It's easy to view Hulk as a giant, green company mascot, but when actually thinking about what it would be like to stand in the presence of a being with such raw, uncontrolled power, he's terrifying. Couple that with his limited mental capacity and general levels of anger and aggression, and it's easy to see why there are so many Hulk moments in the comics that Marvel would prefer to brush under the rug instead of spotlighting on the big screen. 

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    Bruce Watches Betty Ross Get Sniped Right In Front Of Him

    While characters have perished in the MCU, it's unlikely Feige and company would ever pull something as gruesome as depicted in the pages of Immortal Hulk #14. The scene was tense, as the narrative switched back and forth between following Bruce and Betty having something of a reunion and the sniper outside waiting to take the shot. When he finally did, the bullet didn't hit Bruce, but instead, barreled into the skull of his one true love. 

    Unlike an MCU film, the panel doesn't cut away to a shocked expression; it shows the bullet hitting its mark. Like something more akin to The Boys than Avengers, the gruesome headshot is laid bare for all to see. Almost as shocking, moments later, the Hulk was given a crater-sized hole in his own head. 

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    Giant Cockroaches Feast On Hulk's Skin

    It has often been stated that cockroaches can survive a nuclear holocaust. Well, so could the Hulk. This is unfortunate for the Hulk because then he'd be left on Earth with nothing but cockroaches.

    As it turns out, those same cockroaches are more than a match for the Hulk, and in The Incredible Hulk: The End, readers were treated to a disgusting panel in which the roaches banded together to swarm on Hulk and eat him alive. They completely picked the flesh off of his body. 

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    Hulk Eats Wolverine After Sending His Incestuous Children To Eliminate His Family

    In Old Man Logan, the Hulk has gone full villain. He (with the help of She-Hulk) has become the patriarch of a family of redneck Hulks that control the land Wolverine lives on. In the story, to keep his family safe from the redneck Hulks, Logan ventures out into the world to get money to pay his rent to the Hulk family. 

    When Logan returns, he discovers that the Hulk had his entire family slain anyway. Hulk didn't even have the excuse of being animalistic this time; he was fully in control and as intelligent as ever. Wolverine gets his revenge by carving through the Hulk's kids before going claw-to-fist with the gamma-powered patriarch. The Hulk thinks he finishes off Logan by eating him alive only to regret that decision when the mutant slices his way out through the Hulk's guts.

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    Hulk Is Cut Up And Put Into Jars (While Still Alive)

    It would appear Tony Stark grew tired of getting beat by Hulk over the years. This caused him to put together what he referred to as "The Big Gun," AKA the Helios laser, a massive space laser laced with UV radiation that - when unleashed onto him during one of his rampages - completely fried Hulk to dust. 

    When Hulk woke up - since he couldn't be terminated - he found that he had been sliced with an adamantium razor. The Hulk was then placed in a dozen different jars, with his living head forced to watch as the scientists dissected him further to study. The scene was horrific. 

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