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20 Disturbing Moments From ‘One Piece’ That Prove This Series Is Surprisingly Dark

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On the surface, One Piece seems like a cheerful shonen adventure series. In many ways, it is exactly that. But it also has its share of deeply disturbing moments. That's what makes it so complex - it doesn't just stick to one mood, and it explores its world in all of its facets. 

Some of these shocking anime scenes revolve around enslavement, cruelty, child experimentation, illness, and other devastating subjects. Which ones upset you the most?

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    Kozuki Oden Is Boiled Alive

    No form of execution is going to be pretty, but Kozuki Oden's demise is particularly grisly. He's submerged in boiling oil, but he holds his men over his head on scaffolding in order to try and protect them from the same fate.

    The pain is undoubtedly excruciating, but he insists on staying positive throughout the whole thing, dramatically claiming that oden isn't oden unless it's boiled. But his bravado soon comes to an end when Kaido shoots him in the head. 

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    Charlotte Linlin Devoured Her Caretaker

    As a child, Charlotte Linlin had a completely insatiable appetite and a tendency to destroy everything around her. When she was five, her parents left her on Elbaf Island in the care of Mother Carmel. It seemed like things were going well at first, but she ended up going on a rampage during a twelve-day fast. In order to get away from the wrath of the Elbaf residents, Mother Carmel took Linlin to another location, where they celebrated her birthday with delicious treats. Linlin was so happy that she ended up eating everything around her - including Mother Carmel and the kids from the Sheep's House.

    Perhaps the most upsetting thing about this is that Linlin was probably better off afterward. Carmel pretended to be nice, but she was actually planning on selling Linlin into bondage. She saved herself from that gruesome fate.

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    Kuma's Current Situation

    Bartholomew Kuma caused the Straw Hats a lot of trouble, but that didn't make it any easier to see what became of him. Dr. Vegapunk modified his body to turn him into a Pacifista - that is, a super-powered cyborg. Eventually, this led to him losing his free will, personality, and memory.

    He is now enslaved and for rent, to be used for whatever purposes the World Government desires. Knowing that that's his fate is just heartbreaking.

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    Toko Watches Her Father's Demise

    Few things are more heartbreaking than a little girl watching her father be executed. Shimotsuki Yasuie sacrificed himself in order to mislead the shogun and help with Kozuki Momonosuke's revolutionary efforts. But he probably didn't plan for Toko to watch it happen. But she did, and she was as miserable as one would expect. She even tried to heal him using Usopp's toad oil, but it was to no avail.

    This scene hurt even more because thanks to eating a SMILE, Toko could not fully express her emotions even though she was clearly devastated.

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