The Most Disturbing Thanos Moments In Marvel Comics

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If you think the Mad Titan of the MCU looks menacing, you haven't been subjected to much of Thanos in Marvel comics. Some unspeakable atrocities have been committed against Thanos himself, but the worst things Thanos has ever done makes those incidents look like tickle fights.

Marvel's Ultimate Universe has depicted all kinds of unsettling things, but the most disturbing Thanos moments in Marvel comics don't even depend on that alternate, gruesome reality (and that's not even considering his evil henchmen, the Black Order). 

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    Thanos Dissects His Own Mother

    Thanos was separated from his mother, Sui-San, as an infant after she sensed the evil inside him and attempted to kill him. They did not reunite until Thanos was a full-grown adult, and as we learn in his 2013 run, Thanos Rising, their reunion didn't go well for Sui-San. Thanos dissects his mother (who was alive at the beginning of the process) in an attempt to discover an explanation for his abominable nature. 

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    Thanos Smashes Sam Wilson's Head In His Hands

    In case you were wondering, the sound a head makes when it is squished between two massive hands is "SPLORT." At least, that's how it's depicted in Thanos #10 when the Mad Titan kills Falcon-turned-Captain America, Sam Wilson.

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    Thanos Makes Hulk His Leashed Dog

    The Thanos comic that began in 2016 goes to some pretty wild places, including a distant future in which Thanos is king of the universe after defeating the Avengers. Most of those Avengers are dead, but not Bruce Banner. He gets the dubious honor or being turned into the Mad Titan's madder hound.

    Thanos keeps Hulk in a pit of bones, when he's not on-leash. Among the bones are those of Steve Rogers, the former Captain America who was fed to the Hulk Hound.

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    Thanos Puts Cyclops In A Block And Suffocates Him To Death

    As half the people in the universe were killed during the Infinity Gauntlet arc, it should come as no surprise that some of them were heroes. Thanos manifests a "clear block of force" around Cyclops's head, cutting off oxygen and suffocating the X-Man.