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The Weirdest, Most Disturbing Creatures In The 'Wizard Of Oz' Series

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L. Frank Baum's Oz books have delighted multiple generations of children; the first one was published in 1900, and a beloved film adaptation of The Wizard of Oz has enchanted audiences since 1939. The books scared quite a few people, though. In fact, Oz is a haunting place, full of frightening scenes. The scariest things in the Wizard of Oz series still cause nightmares - the Wicked Witch of the West is just the tip of the iceberg.

The denizens of Oz are famously immortal, but the books are chock full of twisted fates. It's enough to make you steer clear of the Yellow Brick Road for good.

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    The Scoodlers

    The Scoodlers are downright nasty; these creepy flesh-eaters are made out of all sorts of mixed up artificial body parts. Plus, their heads can spin around and detach. They obsess over cooking and devouring strangers in soup.

    Not even the Love Magnet, a magic artifact that pacifies everyone, can stop the Scoodlers; they'll just love you in their cooking pot. 

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    Princess Mombi/Langwidere

    Princess Langwidere takes the idea of sacrificing for fashion to the next level by removing her cranium and replacing it with those she deems more beautiful. She takes the other heads by force, even keeping little girls so that they might someday provide options.

    When Langwidere sleeps, she goes headless entirely. The Princess is even more terrifying in film, changing her name to Mombi and chasing Dorothy through a hallway of shrieking skulls.

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    The Hungry Tiger

    The Hungry Tiger is one of Oz's many talking animals; he strikes up a close friendship with the Cowardly Lion. It would almost be heartwarming if the Tiger wasn't always talking about how badly he wants to eat babies. Seriously, he goes on for ages about crushing one between his jaws.

    The Tiger claims his conscience won't let him eat the innocent infants, but his intense desire is difficult to swallow.

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    The Phanfasms

    In Oz, almost every villain wants riches, magic, or dominion over the whole land. But the Phanfasms, from The Emerald City of Oz, wish to harm the innocent and end happiness altogether. These shape-shifting spirits live atop a volcano and subject all their visitors to torment.

    When the Nome King tries to recruit them as allies, the Phanfasms only agree so they can end Oz, then the Nomes, and then the entire world.

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