Weird Nature The 38 Most Dramatic Animals on the Internet  

Bunny Brinkman
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Drama isn't just a human thing. The animal kingdom is full of feisty creatures who are no strangers to dramatics. This list of the most dramatic animal GIFs chronicles the animals, big and small, furry and feathered, who are throwing shade, being caught in the act, and otherwise bringing the drama.

These dramatic animals will remind you that your cat is always watching, and sometimes raccoons don't want you to see what they're up to. The animals on this list know drama when they see it, and will not hesitate to go full drama queen (or king) when the opportunity presents itself.

Vote up the most dramatic animals on the list below, keeping in mind that these creatures always have their (disdainful) eyes on you.
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This Hawk Who Is, Frankly, Shocked

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This Ferret Caught in the Act

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This Cat Who Wasn't Expecting Company

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This Bushbaby Who Will Never Get Over This

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