Total Nerd Creepy Technology Straight Out Of A Dystopian SciFi Movie  

Rebecca High

Technology usually makes our lives easier, but what about when it starts getting a little too sci-fi for comfort? This video takes a look at some of the most "futuristic" technology coming to life and the real world in 2018.

Out of the top five prosumer technological advances, facial recognition technology and Google Smart Home's robotic parenting are automatic additions to dystopian technology. While the two features have distinct advantages (as seen in spy movies!), there's also some something super creepy and invasive about them.

For example, who wouldn't want to avoid punishing their kids for disobeying? But the thing is, if you don't, someone else might. And that someone might be a small device that looks as unassuming as a radio speaker.

Number one, though, only gets more alarming. After the 2016 elections you all thought you were living in an episode of The Apprentice but psych, you're actually living out Black Mirror!