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10 Creatures That Are Nature's Most Efficient Killers

Anyone who’s taken a science class knows that in nature, the name of the game isn’t strength, it’s efficiency. Every species on the planet has evolved to survive with as little effort and as much payoff as possible. That goes double for nature's killing machines.

Sitting at the top of the food chain, predators have more competition for survival (and dominance) than you might think. In order to stay at the top, they’ve had to smooth out the wrinkles in their technique and become as efficient as possible. These alpha predators aren't always the species you’d expect, either. Big cats, for example, are actually pretty sloppy killers. One study of Bengal tigers, for example, said that only about five percent of hunts result in a kill. Not exactly nature’s perfect predators.

It doesn’t take fangs or claws to rack up an impressive kill count, you just have to have a plan and stick to it. Here, for your consideration, are the most efficient murderers in nature.