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The Most Egregious Alternate Costumes In Comic Book History

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We understand - when your super hero character has been around for decades, you can't resist the urge to tinker with their look in the hopes that a fresh new style will breathe new life into them. After all, history is riddled with characters that are better left forgotten and there are only so many awkward crossover events comic fans can stomach  But some of these costume changes go beyond "refresh" and well into "burn it with fire." 

Which of these alternate costumes are the most heinous in super hero history? 

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    Star Sapphire (DC Comics)

    Photo: Marvel / Amazon / Fair Use

    Green Lantern nemesis (and occasional love interest) Star Sapphire used to wear a fairly functional costume. It still had wide collar and garish fuchsia color scheme, but it was tame compared to this incarnation, which basically answered the question, "How little material is necessary for something to qualify as a costume?"

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    If you're going to have the X-Men's resident Russian strongman turn heel, you have to do better than just slapping him in a pair of Vladimir Lenin footie pajamas. "It was the 80s" is no excuse.

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    What is it with people and Superman? It's the most iconic costume in all of comics! And yet...Remember the time they "rebooted" him by having the Man of Steel come back wearing...a T-shirt? It made cosplay easier, sure, but...c'mon...

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    With the country still smarting from Watergate, it was a bold idea to have Captain America get fed up and ditch the red, white, and blue. It was NOT a bold idea to have him adopt the name "Nomad" and dress like a Ukrainian lion tamer.

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