The Most Egregious 2012 Golden Globes Snubs  

Russell Barnes
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Films, filmmakers and actors who deserved - and did not receive - nominations for Golden Globe Awards. Each year, awards season kicks off in earnest with the announcement of film critic society awards and then the Golden Globes nominations in December. Typically, the Globes presage the major films and performances that will then be nominated for Academy Awards the following month.

And each year with the Globes announcements comes shocks and surprises, of notable films, filmmakers and stars who were expected to receive honors, and then snubbed. Often, these surprise twists are better remembered than the eventual winners.

2012 Golden Globes nominations were no different, highlighting some of the year's most popular films - including "The Descendants" and "The Help" - while also leaving out some of the other films that were both critically acclaimed and beloved by audiences worldwide. This list attempts to collect the biggest, most egregious snubs from the Golden Globes 2012 nominations.
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Star Bryan Cranston received a nomination for Best Actor in a TV Drama for "Breaking Bad," but the show went un-nominated in the main category. Surprising, as fans typically considered this past season (the fourth for the series) to be the best, and it's a perennial contender for the Best Dramatic Series Emmy award (usually being bested by AMC-mate "Mad Men," which didn't air in 2011.) Starz's debut series "Boss," FX's breakthrough "American Horror Story" and Showtime's new "Homeland" took the spots that might have otherwise gone to "Breaking Bad."

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The Offerman snub-fest continues with the Globes, that once again did not notice the actor's ingenious turn as Ron Swanson on "Parks and Recreation," a terrific comedy that was generally passed over for awards consideration this year. Look for Emmy winner Peter Dinklage to likely take this category here as well.

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This summer, everyone was talking about TV veteran Melissa McCarthy's hilarious turn in "Bridesmaids," and she was considered a lock for a bit of awards season love. But despite some love for the film - it's nominated for Best Comedy/Musical, and star Kristen Wiig is up for Best Actress - McCarthy herself was left out.

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While Albert Brooks did get a Golden Globe supporting actor nomination for 2011's 'Drive,' the movie itself garnered no other nominations (same with the Screen Actors Guild awards - Brooks wasn't even nominated for a SAG). Yes, 'Drive' is extremely violent but really? It's one of the best films of the year, deserving of a Best Picture nomination at the very least. Maybe they tried to balance it out by giving Ryan Gosling two nominations for other films ('The Ides of March' and 'Crazy, Stupid Love'), but ignoring one of the year's greatest movies seems a....'Shame.' Get it?!

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