The Most Elaborate Final Meals In Death Row History

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Even the weirdest death row last meals make sense, because how do you limit yourself to small fare when you know it's the last food you'll ever eat? Serial killers like Steven Michael Woods order as much food as possible so they can make their last meals count. The prisoners last meals below contain everything from the best cuts of meat to heaps of ice cream. Would you choose a large lavish meal for your final dinner? 

One of the most expensive meals is likely that of Lawrence Russel Brewer. He order pounds of food, but didn't eat one bite, causing Texas to get rid of the "last meal." One of the more boring meals was Ted Bundy's. What was Ted Bundy's last meal? Well, he simply went with the standard last meal before execution. Robert Dale Conklin, on the other hand, ordered filet mignon, sauteed shrimp, and goat cheese. 

What are the best last meal requests of inmates on death row? Check out these famous last meals and vote up the ones you find most extra and over the top.