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18 Revenge Plots That Really Didn't Have To Go So Hard

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Revenge may be a dish best served cold, but the plots in these films are allowed to simmer long before they are ready for serving. These are not cases of a wronged individual scorching the earth as a knee-jerk reaction to being wronged; these are complex, highly detailed revenge schemes that take years of planning to properly execute. Some may be plans formulated by a wronged protagonist or antihero, while others are plotted by villains with misguided notions about their own victimhood. Some belong to the thriller/horror genre, while others are more action-oriented. What is most important for each revenge plot included is the level of detail, effort, and planning spent on vengeance.

Which of these characters put too much effort into their revenge schemes? Vote up choices based on the time spent on the plans and how extreme the reaction is.

Warning: Heavy spoilers ahead!