Humor People Confess The Most Embarrassing Ways They Spoil Their Pets  

Anna Lindwasser
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Every pet deserves to be pampered a little bit, but there are some true stories about spoiling pets that take the concept way too far. Some sheepish people have confessed the most embarrassing ways they spoil their pets.The most spoiled pets on Reddit aren't just getting scraps of food off the table, they're getting full meals cooked for them. Their owners don't just buy them accessories, they give them their own walk-in closets. Some of these animals sleep in their owners' bed every night, and have clearly never heard of privacy.

These true stories about spoiling pets might make you wonder if you should have bought your dog a bouncy castle, or they might compel you to start being more disciplined. Pets are part of the family, but as these tales show, that love can prove expensive. When Redditors share how they spoil their pets, they don't hold anything back.

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Dogs Are Basically Furry People

From antoniusmagnus:

"We feed out dogs the same food we eat often; in smaller portions, of course. We consider their feelings and generally pamper and spoil them. I guess we treat them like they're people, which we kinda think they are – not human people, but smaller, furry people who like to lick their genitals in public."

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Arm Or Scratching Post?

From Deepthroatxx69:

"I let my kitty claw the f*ck out of my arm for entertainment. So adorable."

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These Dogs Get Everything They Want

From RabbitsOnAChalkboard:

"Dog 1 comes to Starbucks with me and gets whipped cream puppiccinos.

Dog 2 sleeps not on, but IN the bed and is a snuggle bun.

Dog 3 is permitted on all furniture, including tables and shelves. Mostly because I can't keep him off of them, though.

Dog 4 wears little shirts and is also permitted on all furniture, because she's small enough to justify picking her up and placing her on my desk while I'm on my computer.

Dog 5 gets hefted up and toted around when she wants attention, despite her being too huge to really carry."

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Feasts For The Fish

From kcrandall758:

"My dog gets rawhides ever single day.

Also, my fish get to have treats (cooked chicken, tilapia, and shrimp, as well as live feeder fish) every couple of days. Some days, those lucky bastards eat better than me!"

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