Marvel And DC Superheroes Who Are Way Too Emo For Their Own Good

Get ready to weep as we rank the saddest and most moody Marvel and DC superheroes of all time. Many of the superheroes that we all know and love have experienced true pain in their past. Whether it was due to the loss of loved ones, an abusive upbringing, or even long periods of isolation, these brave-faced superheroes are known for being some of the saddest comic book characters of all time.

However, each character has confronted their own personal demons in different ways. While some sad superheroes have overcome the abusiveness of their past, others continue to struggle in their everyday lives. Some even come from happier beginnings only to be met with tragedy and pain during their journey. Which superheroes do you think are the saddest? Batman instantly springs the mind. The Dark Knight had to witness his parents' death at an incredibly young age, which surely shaped the moody, brooding person he eventually became. Spider-Man, on the other hand, is a superhero who still has to face one of the hardest obstacles of all: being a teenager.

The list of sad superheroes includes characters with tragic origin stories, characters who have been suffering from depression, and younger superheroes who are just plain emo. Vote up which characters you think are the most emo, and if your favorite moody hero isn’t listed, add them!