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Marvel And DC Superheroes Who Are Way Too Emo For Their Own Good

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Get ready to weep as we rank the saddest and most moody Marvel and DC superheroes of all time. Many of the superheroes that we all know and love have experienced true pain in their past. Whether it was due to the loss of loved ones, an abusive upbringing, or even long periods of isolation, these brave-faced superheroes are known for being some of the saddest comic book characters of all time.

However, each character has confronted their own personal demons in different ways. While some sad superheroes have overcome the abusiveness of their past, others continue to struggle in their everyday lives. Some even come from happier beginnings only to be met with tragedy and pain during their journey. Which superheroes do you think are the saddest? Batman instantly springs the mind. The Dark Knight had to witness his parents' death at an incredibly young age, which surely shaped the moody, brooding person he eventually became. Spider-Man, on the other hand, is a superhero who still has to face one of the hardest obstacles of all: being a teenager.

The list of sad superheroes includes characters with tragic origin stories, characters who have been suffering from depression, and younger superheroes who are just plain emo. Vote up which characters you think are the most emo, and if your favorite moody hero isn’t listed, add them!

  • Batman
    Photo: DC Comics

    It's hard to find a hero who has had a harder life than Batman. Sure, he grew up rich and could afford anything he wanted, but what he wanted the most were his parents to be alive. 

    In addition to losing his folks, which is the event that set him on the path to become Batman, Bruce Wayne has also lost people close to him. Let's just say, he's not working with his first Robin, and leave it at that...

    • Appears In: Batman Beyond, Young Justice, Batman, Batman: The Animated Series, Justice League Unlimited
    • Played By: Will Friedle, Adam West, Kevin Conroy, Val Kilmer, Joe Krajcar
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  • Rorschach
    Photo: DC Comics

    Everything about Rorschach is brooding misery. He grew up the son of a whore, and he didn't adjust well to society as a result. Abuse and death peppered his adolescence, and he channeled that into his fists and feet, which he throws at anyone he deems (un)worthy.

    Throughout his career, he did little more than take his revenge out on anyone he deemed worthy... and by worthy, they had to be degenerate scumbags who weren't fit to remain on this Earth.

    • Appears In: Watchmen, Watchmen
    • Played By: Jackie Earle Haley
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  • At one point, Frank Castle had it all: a family who loved him and a good career. He lost it when every member of his family was tragically gunned down, and to cope with the loss, he went on a multi-decades-rampage of revenge.

    To his credit, Castle doesn't often brood over the loss he suffered (like some other heroes), as he channels it into his rather abundant level of rage.

    • Appears In: Punisher: War Zone, The Punisher, Iron Man: Rise of Technovore, The Punisher, The Punisher: Dirty Laundry
    • Played By: Ray Stevenson, Dolph Lundgren
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  • Daredevil
    Photo: Marvel Comics

    When Matt Murdock was a kid, he suffered a horrible accident that blinded him. He was able to cope with this disability, thanks to the nature of the accident, and the comic book use of radiation in granting superpowers.

    When his father was killed for not taking a dive in a fight, Matt's interests in being a child waned, he put all of his energy into becoming a superhero. He can be moody, but this is due to the fact that anyone he gets close to, inevitably gets killed.

    • Appears In: Daredevil vs. Spider-Man, Daredevil, Marvel Universe
    • Played By: Charlie Cox, Ben Affleck
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