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The Most Essential Howard Stern Show Cast Members

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Who are the most essential Howard Stern Show cast members? They include Howard's regular staff, the funniest Howard Stern Wack Packers and of course, several of Stern's best, most frequent guests. The people on this list represent the best of the best, and the Howard Stern show would be lost without them. Don't agree? Vote down the Stern Show cast members that you don't think are deserving of the honor (and be sure to check out this list of the most irritating Howard Stern show regulars to vote). See someone missing from this list that you believe is essential? Add them!

Howard Stern's regular radio staffers keep the show going day after day. Without some of these people, the Stern show just wouldn't be the same. Sure, they can be irritating, but this group is a family. A twisted family to be sure, but a family just the same. Think Robin Quivers, Baba Booey, Benjy Bronk and Fred Norris, for example. In late-May of 2012, Robin Quivers announced she'd be off the show for several days because she was having a tumor removed (it was pressing on her bladder). Howard flat out said that he'd quit doing the show before he'd do it without Robin. Now that, folks, is an essential Stern Show cast member!

This list also includes some of the most well-known Wack Pack members, including Beetlejuice, Big Black and High Pitch Eric. Sure, they drive fans crazy at times, but usually in a good way. Hats off to the essential Stern Wack Packers!

Some of Howard Stern's best frequent guests are also included on this list. Among them: George Takei, Ben Stern (Howard's dad) and Gilbert Gottfried. These guests contribute greatly to the Howard Stern Show, and they certainly keep the fans entertained on a regular basis.

Who are the best Howard Stern cast members? Take a look here and see for yourself.

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