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The 16 Most Evil Anime Villains With The Blackest Hearts

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While there's something to be said for a sympathetic anime villain, sometimes you just want to see the good guys go up against a truly black-hearted bad guy. Whether it's the joy of watching them finally get what's coming to them or the excitement that comes with seeing what malicious depths they'll sink to next, these characters can be a ton of fun.  

The most evil anime villains include villains from shonen hits like Naruto, Bleach, and Dragon Ball Z, but they also appear in shorter series like Banana Fish, Hellsing, and Made In Abyss. While these villains have different motives and are guilty of different crimes, one thing they all share is an utter disregard for the needs and safety of anyone other than themselves, and a willingness to use others to further their nefarious ends? 

Which ones do you love to hate the most?

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    Part of what makes Griffith so cruel is that he didn't just attack unsuspecting victims - he betrayed his comrades. The Band of the Hawk was a group of mercenaries who considered Griffith an important friend and ally, and in fact once rescued him from captivity despite the great personal risk they incurred by doing so. Griffith's lust for power was so consuming that when he got the opportunity to become a god called Femto, he willingly sacrificed the lives of just about all of his former friends in the process. Oh, and he assaulted Casca, forcing her lover Guts to watch.

    Why does he do all this? Because he desperately wants to create and rule his own kingdom - likely as a reaction to a childhood marred by extreme poverty.

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    Father - 'Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood'

    While Shou Tucker is a strong contender for "most evil anime character," in terms of sheer body count, the award has to go to Father. Father is a homunculus who tricked the city of Xerxes into creating the conditions needed for him to acquire godlike powers, wiping out nearly the entire civilization in the process.

    Later, he tries to do a similar thing again, this time with the help of his homunculus children, so that he can become a so-called "perfect being." He sees those around him - even his own children - as expendable tools to help him achieve that end, and has no sense of guilt or remorse for any of the lives he's taken. 

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  • It's kind of hard to get worse than a villain who was hand-picked by Adolph Hitler for the SS, which is part of why the Major is an absolute must for this list. Aside from standard Nazi wrongdoings which in Hellsing are largely focused on Vampirism, the Major adores war. His gleeful grin whenever he sees other people suffering from the horrific torment he orchestrates for them is all the proof anyone needs to that this man is straight up evil. 

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  • You thought that this list would feature the infamous villain Dio Brando, and you were right, because here's Dio! This all-powerful vampire begins the series by trying to ruin his adoptive brother's life by doing everything from framing him for crimes to burning his dog alive. As the series progresses, his power, cruelty, and ambition only increase.

    One example of his terrible behavior involves promising a woman that he won't eliminate her child, then technically keeping that promise by turning her into a vampire and making her do the deed instead. In fact, Dio is so cruel that one of the only examples of him showing empathy is when he takes his father's life - the reason may have been partially because of how poorly his father treated Dio's mother, rather than solely because of his evil nature. That's not much. 

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