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The Most Bloodthirsty Vampires In The 'Blade' Trilogy

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Before Marvel movies dominated the mainstream, there was Blade. Released in 1998, Blade, following the adventures of the eponymous vampire hunter, was one of the first R-rated comic book movies and helped pave the way for later Marvel hits to come. Blade's vampire-slaying exploits were also chronicled in a couple of sequels of varying quality.

Originally appearing in Tomb of Dracula all the way back in 1973, Blade made his big-screen debut played by Wesley Snipes, who absolutely made the character his own. Over the course of three films, Snipes's Blade ran up against plenty of vampires. In the first film, he attempted to stop the villainous Deacon Frost from unleashing a vampire god that would turn all humans into vampires. In Blade II, directed by Guillermo del Toro, he was forced to team up with the vampires who had been hunting him in order to stop a new species of bloodsucker, the nearly invincible Reapers. Finally, in Blade: Trinity, Blade found himself confronting the granddaddy of all vampires himself, none other than Dracula, with the help of some new allies calling themselves the Nightstalkers.

But of all those vampires, which are the most evil, the most sinister, the most vicious? Now's your chance to vote for the most bloodthirsty vampires in the Blade franchise.

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    Photo: Blade: Trinity / New Line Cinema

    Better known as Dracula, Drake (played in Blade: Trinity by Dominic Purcell) is the progenitor of all vampires. As such, he's immune to sunlight and transforms into a big, weird insect/demon thing. He can also shapeshift to look like any human, a power that he mostly squanders on pointless things in the film. And the rest of the time, he looks a bit like a football player and dresses like an adult film star.

    First Appearance: Blade: Trinity (2004)

    Most Villainous Act: Look, we're told repeatedly that we ought to be afraid of Drake because he is super amazingly powerful and stuff, but we don't actually really see him do very much. When he first encounters our heroes, he spends the entire scene running away from them - although he does also throw a baby, which is pretty evil. He smashes up a goth store and nixes the proprietors because he's angry about having been merchandized. But Drake's most sinister moment probably comes when he shapeshifts into the deceased Whistler in order to infiltrate the boat the Nightstalkers use as their base of operations and wipe most of them out.

    How He Bit The Dust: In Blade: Trinity, the good guys have cooked up a sort of vampire "final solution," a biological weapon that will take out all the vampires in the area. In order to use it, though, they need uncorrupted vampire DNA - specifically from Drake. So, in the final fight, Blade jams an arrow tipped with the stuff into Drake's side and the anti-vampire virus is unleashed.

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    Photo: Blade II / New Line Cinema

    The leader of the Bloodpack, a group of vampires who had been training to hunt down Blade and who are, instead, tasked with working with him to stop the Reapers, Reinhardt is played by Ron Perlman. A frequent Guillermo del Toro collaborator, Perlman would go on to work with del Toro in both Hellboy movies as well as Pacific Rim.

    First Appearance: Blade II (2002)

    Most Villainous Act: Pretty much an overall jerk, there are lots of implications that Reinhardt is a Nazi, or that he at least has those leanings. Probably his most heinous move is to betray Whistler in the sewers and leave him for one of the other members of the Bloodpack to finish off.

    How He Bit The Dust: Reinhardt spends most of the film with an explosive device stuck to the back of his head, so Blade can keep the volatile vampire on a short leash. That's not the source of his ultimate demise, however. After a fight in which Blade takes out scads of foot soldiers, an unarmed Blade faces Reinhardt, who has taken Blade's sword. Though he brought fists to a sword fight, Blade bests his opponent by catching the blade between his palms and disarming Reinhardt before slicing him in half.

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    Photo: Blade / New Line Cinema

    Deacon Frost's No. 2, Quinn is played by Donal Logue as sort of like a vampire version of "the Dude" from The Big Lebowski.

    First Appearance: Blade (1998)

    Most Villainous Act: Quinn may not be able to hold his own in a fight against Blade, but he certainly takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Quinn's hand is severed more than once, and he's lit on fire and pinned to a wall with stakes before he finally kicks the bucket.

    How He Bit The Dust: After making it through all of that, Quinn ultimately bites it during the film's final confrontation, when he charges at Blade and gets his head taken off by a garrote that Blade pulls from his belt.

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    Photo: Blade / New Line Cinema

    When you need someone to play the head of a vampire council called the House of Erebus, you hire Udo Kier. It's just science. In the film, Dragonetti is obsessed with the distinction between "purebloods," those who were born vampires, and those who were "merely turned," a note that comes up during all three movies.

    First Appearance: Blade (1998)

    Most Villainous Act: Ironically, we don't get to see Dragonetti do too much that's particularly Machiavellian, since he's in the movie primarily as a foil for Deacon Frost. But chances are you don't get to be the head of a vampire council without doing some pretty heinous deeds. Also, he's played by Udo Kier, so you know he's twisted.

    How He Bit The Dust: Not pleasantly. In his bid to take over the vampire council, Deacon Frost takes Dragonetti to the seaside, where he proceeds to yank out the vampire elder's fangs and force him to watch the sunrise. Protected from the sun by full-body biker leathers and tinted motorcycle helmets, Frost and company look on while Dragonetti burns.

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