The Most Evil Internet Company

The most evil Internet company is the one that requires you to add them on Facebook to read an article, makes you sign away your first born in their terms of service, and invades your privacy, including all your contacts on your smartphone. These evil Internet companies do all of that and then some but provide services that are so vital to our digital lives that we allow them to do these things anyway.

If there was a scumbag Internet company meme, these well-known websites, social networks, domain registrars, and online services would all appear there with the trademark backwards hat. For one reason or another, all of these companies are hated for their shady practices, privacy concerns, or ways they've screwed over the little guy en route to becoming wildly successful.

It's not a coincidence that some of the biggest and most popular Internet companies are also the most evil. Google and Facebook, the two websites that lead all others in terms of traffic and their user base, are the first two that come to mind. Both have been in the news for various customer concerns, including dipping their hands into the unknowing private information of people around the globe, but both also offer industry leading services that many of us simply cannot live without.

Other companies, such as the iPhone innovator Apple, the domain registrar, Go Daddy, and the online payment service PayPal, may not be universally used like the big companies, but each also does something that puts them in the "evil" category.

Have a grudge against an Internet company? Find an evil company that we missed? Add it or vote for it below and tell us why the company is evil in the comments. It might not make the company change their evil ways, but hopefully, it will provide a bit of solace instead.

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  • Facebook
    961 votes
    Social Network
    Facebook wouldn't exist if we didn't voluntarily share our personal data.
  • Comcast
    653 votes
    Mass media, Telecommunications, Cable television
  • Time Warner
    495 votes
    Music industry, Mass media, Media
  • Apple
    779 votes
  • Pornhub
    186 votes


  • BuzzFeed
    187 votes
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