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The Most Evil Villains Who Never Actually Kill Anyone

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There are all kinds of different evil in the world, but some of the worst villains from movies aren't actually cold-blooded killers. Some of them just live to watch people (or puppies!) squirm and retreat into misery, such as coaches trying to cripple children or nurses hellbent on breaking their patients' spirits instead of healing them. 

A lot of the villains on this list never even inflicted physical pain on another person - they just want power and aren't afraid to go out of their way to get it. Some of them are even a little sympathetic - a little therapy would have changed their lives, and film history, forever.

  • The Big Nurse in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest doesn't actually break any laws or end any lives with her bare hands, but she might as well have. This former Army nurse has it out for her patients, especially McMurphy, the one guy in the ward who won't cower to her. 

    Not only does she submit him and other patients to shock therapy, but she also ultimately has McMurphy lobotomized, which technically isn't a crime within the hospital's four walls. Another younger patient also takes his own life when Ratched threatens to call his mother and report what he did during the inmates' unsanctioned "party." What happened to "do no harm"?

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  • You would think that a sea witch would have better things to do than harass a teenager looking for a pair of legs, but that is definitely not the case with Ursula from the Little Mermaid

    Ursula doesn't want to hurt Ariel per se - she just wants her voice and her youth, at any cost. She creates a contract for the desperate mermaid to sign, granting Ariel her wish to become a human for three days in exchange for her voice, though she gets to stay human forever if she can get Prince Eric to kiss her. Then, just when Ariel is about to fulfill her end of the bargain, Ursula transforms herself into a human, hypnotizes the prince, and steals this poor teenager's crush. Ursula doesn't already have enough souls in her possession??

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  • John Kreese has absolutely no chill. Not only does he teach his students to have "no mercy" for their opponents, but he also actually encourages them to break fight rules and berates them when they lose. These are teenagers here, remember.

    Kreese doesn't actually take any lives or even want to take over the world - he just wants to win, and when he doesn't, he isn't above a little physical assault. He won't even let a crowd cheer for Danny's win without threatening violence. Sheesh, dude.

    He then goes the extra mile in The Karate Kid Part III when he specifically recruits a fellow sensei and his vicious star pupil in a plan to injure and humiliate Daniel-san in a future tournament. This man is a fully grown adult who served in Vietnam, and he's been stewing for five years about how to get revenge on this random kid from New Jersey over a local karate tournament?

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  • Dr. Jonathan Crane is a true lunatic. He really doesn't have a taste for blood - he just insists on making people insane with his fear toxins and locking them up in psychiatric hospitals in order to keep them on his side.

    If anything, seeing the way Carmine Falcone's brain appears permanently broken, murder might've even been a more humane option?

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