The Most Exciting Luxury Hotel Perks

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List of most exciting luxury hotel perks. What are the best luxury hotel perks? This list ranks the top luxury hotel perks, from pet services to silk robes and personal butlers. While staying at a luxury hotel is already a treat by itself, there are many perks and exciting amenities that come with those high-ticket and often exclusive hotels that range from the outrageous to the glamorous. 

Have a fluffy loved one? Most hotels don't even allow pets but many luxury hotels include pet service as perk of booking at a more expensive hotel. While you're waiting for Fido to get groomed, drop by the reading room for afternoon tea service and catch up on some reading and relaxation at designated areas with complimentary books and entertainment. If the reading room doesn't suit you, go back to your room where now many luxury hotels offer iPads, e-Readers and state-of-the-art technology for free use. Though these are basic luxury hotel perks, what are the most exciting amenities when booking at a luxury hotel?

Luxury car service is now among one of the top amenities at the world's top luxury hotels, where you can summon a driver or borrow a Rolls Royce for an afternoon appointment. At night, enjoy an evening at the hotel's fine-dining restaurant and have a celebrity chef cook your dinner. 

What are the best things about booking at a luxury hotel? Rank up the most luxurious hotel amenity. If your favorite posh hotel perks aren't on the list of luxury hotel amenities, make sure to add them.
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  • Complimentary Room Service
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    Complimentary Room Service

  • Late Check-Out
  • Complimentary Treats
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    Complimentary Treats

  • Free Minibar Snacks
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    Free Minibar Snacks

  • All-Inclusive Excursions
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    All-Inclusive Excursions

  • Customized Check-In/Check-Out Times
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    Customized Check-In/Check-Out Times