The Most Exciting Reality Competition Shows Ever Made

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The competitive reality television series that historically have kept you on the edge of your seat as the contestants compete to win.

The best reality competition TV shows ever aired are some of the most exciting and competitive series to watch on television, but which are the most exciting of all time? Determining which competitive reality series is the most exciting isn't an easy task given the plethora of options available, but this list might make it just a bit easier. These days, with the use of digital streaming, more and more shows people have forgotten are being rewatched, checked out for the first time, or even remade into new classics for new generations to enjoy, but which of these reality competition shows is the best of them all in terms of excitement?

Would something newer like The Masked Singer land higher on the list than a classic reality competition series like the original American Idol or The Voice? For a reality competition series to be truly exciting, it has to be the kind that depicts a competition with dire consequences for failure, or a seriously huge prize for the winner. The only way to find out which is the most exciting series is to vote up your favorite reality competition series below, but remember, this list is all about excitement! Which series is more exciting than the one below it?

Don't forget to add your favorite reality competition show to the list if it's missing and vote for your favorite below!

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