The 22 Most Expensive Celebrity Divorces

List of the most expensive celebrity divorces ranked by fame and popularity. When celebrities get married it is rarely “'till death do us part.” More often than not, Hollywood marriages end in divorce, and some of the divorces can be costly. One Hollywood superstar even paid out over $400 million in a divorce settlement.

Who is the most famous celebrity who had an expensive divorce? Madonna tops our list. The “Material Girl” and "Snatch" director Guy Richie were married from 2000-2008. It is estimated that Madonna paid out $76-$92 million to Richie in the divorce settlement. She is the only woman that made our list.

Mel Gibson was married to Robin Moore Gibson from 1980-2011. Gibson has said that their separation actually began in 2006, one day after his DUI arrest. It is estimated that Gibson paid out $425 million to his ex-wife. This is the most expensive celebrity divorce to date. Chicago Bull's player Michael Jordan comes in second. The NBA all-star paid his ex-wife Juanita $168 million in their divorce settlement. Other famous people who have had expensive divorces include Donald Trump, Phil Collins, and Paul McCartney.

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