Holidays The Most Expensive Christmas Gifts Money Can Buy  

Mike Rothschild
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Christmas is a holiday centered around spending time with family, reflecting on the past year, and celebrating life and love. But more importantly, it's about buying stuff. And while most of us are content with clothes, electronics, and maybe a BluRay or two, for the wealthiest of the wealthy, only the most extravagant and expensive gifts are acceptable during the holiday giving season. What are the most expensive luxury gifts you can buy for family and friends who have it all? This holiday shopping guide for the extremely wealthy is here to help you decide!

If you have a titan of industry, scion of wealth, or Dowager Countess in your social circle and just don't know what to drop a few hundred thousand dollars on, let this be your guide for very expensive presents. These are the most ridiculously expensive Christmas presents of all time. Each comes with a handy link so you don't have to waste valuable seconds looking up hot to buy it. Or, have one of your people take care of it while you enjoy cigars and brandy in the drawing room.

When a new tie just doesn't cut it for dear old Dad, and you know Mom won't be happy with new shades from the Sunglass Hut, turn to the items below, like gold-plated sunglasses or a Batmobile golf cart! Make this Christmas one to remember, by putting Santa in his place and going big with these absurdly expensive gifts.

A Giant Infared Healing Clam

A Giant Infared Healing Clam is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The Most Expensive Christmas Gifts Money Can Buy
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The Infrared Supine Sauna is a personal sauna that uses an array of tiny infrared lights to penetrate deeply into aching tissue. It's also full of jade stones, which have some kind of application in traditional Chinese medicine. But more importantly, it will let you simulate the feeling of being eaten by a humungous clam.

Cost: $14,000

A Child-Size BMW

A Child-Size BMW is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list The Most Expensive Christmas Gifts Money Can Buy
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If your little ones are too good to slum it in a plastic car or tricycle, get them this 3/5th's size replica of a Blanc Chateau 1936 BMW. It's handmade in France, can quickly be delivered anywhere in Europe, and will give your pint-size lords and ladies good practice at berating the chauffeur.

Cost: $19,650 (approximately)

24 Carat Gold Shoelaces

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Once you've pulled yourself up by your bootstraps, you can lace them up with these custom-made gold shoelaces, made by shoelace maker to the stars, Mr. Kennedy. Only ten will ever be made, but they'll be delivered to you anywhere in the world, and presumably will fit whatever shoe you want them to. One would think.

Cost: $19,000 (or, if you're cheap, get the silver shoelaces for only $3,000)

7 Harmonicas Signed by Bob Dylan

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You've seen the Bard of Minnesota in concert dozens of times and own all his albums, so why not take the next step and own some musical history actually touched by the man himself? This is a set of seven harmonicas, one in each key, each signed by Dylan. They come in an attractive ebony box and were made in Germany, so you know they're efficient and streamlined. Also, free shipping!

Cost: $25,000 (currently out of stock!)