The Most Famous Actresses of the 70s (Then And Now)

Here's a look at what movie stars and actresses from the 1970s were doing then, and what they're up to now. Some have continued working, while others have retired. The one thing we know about all of these people is that they changed the face of television and cinema for all future generations.

You'll recognize many of these female stars of the 70s, such as Jane Fonda, who still acts in hits like Grace and Frankie, decades after she first found fame. Goldie Hawn, Carrie Fisher, and Jodie Foster are also popular 70s female actresses.

During the '70s, many actresses graced the screen. Some continued to act throughout their lives, while others bowed out of the spotlight. So how are these '70s screen sirens doing now? Check out our before and after list of the most famous actresses of the '70s below.