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The Most Famous Actresses of the 70s (Then and Now)

Updated 19 Sep 2019 639.4k views34 items

Here's a look at what movie stars and actresses from the 1970s were doing then, and what they're up to now. Some have continued working, others have retired. The one thing we know about all of these people is that they changed the face of television and cinema for all future generations.

You might be asking yourself: Who are the hottest actresses of all time? There are plenty of hot actresses currently working, but you're going to need to dig deep into history to discover that there were actresses twice as hot years prior. A young Jane Fonda easily rivals a Jennifer Lawrence. That's why this list looks at the hottest women of an earlier era: The best of the '70s. Interested in how the biggest male stars are doing? Check the then and now list of the most famous actors of the '70s.

During the '70s, many actresses graced the screen. Some continued to act throughout their lives, others have become has-beens. So how are these '70s screen sirens doing today in the 2010s? Check out our before and after list of the most famous actresses of the '70s.
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