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Who Was The Most Famous Actor The Year You Were Born?

Have you ever been curious which celebrities, movies, and other pop culture phenomena were all the rage when you first entered the world? This list of notable actors by birth year illustrates both the public's changing tastes and the enduring fascination so many have with celebrity culture. Knowing the most famous actor the year you were born can give you a glimpse into a very specific time in the movie industry, popular consciousness, and the world at large.

While tastes always change and public interest shifts from one year to the next, nearly every celeb on this list has managed to be more than a one-hit-wonder. Each has built a lasting career based on talent, fortitude, and personality. In fact, most are still enjoying thriving careers, although a few have died, and others have retired or retreated from the limelight. Regardless, all of these successful actors and actresses have secured an enduring spot in America's cultural zeitgeist.